Chief Meteorologist

Yes, there’s real changing weather in Palm Springs!

Anchor weathercasts and severe weather coverage Monday through Friday evenings, (or any shift that may be assigned) and any breaking severe weather coverage. Lead the weather team and manage the weather department to excel in all areas.
Principal Duties & Responsibilities:  

  • Forecast and prepare weather products across all platforms.
  • Anchor weathercasts Monday through Friday on KMIR or any other station or time period directed by management.
  • Anchor severe weather coverage and produce special content, as required, for severe weather when needed 7 days a week.
  • Actively and daily use social media and other platforms to inform and engage viewers including forecasting and “live” reports on 
  • Lead weather team, developing team vision and mentor staff members to grow skills and abilities.
  • Interact with the assignment desk to cover weather-related stories, on a daily basis.
  • Work with station management to develop and execute winning weather strategies overall.
  • Work with weather partners to ensure excellence, and with station management to identify other beneficial partnerships.
  • Play an active and visible role in the community.








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